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Why Hire Our Firm?

Deciding which law firm to select for legal representation can be an extremely difficult task, you want to be sure that the firm will be able to skillfully assist you and you want to feel confident with your selection.

At Wheatly Law Group, we are a highly experienced law firm that handles many different areas of law. You can be sure that if you choose to work with us that we will aggressively pursue your rights, your goals and your desires in your case.

Our firm was established in 1908 which means that we have been serving our community in various legal matters for over 112 years.

In addition to this, our legal team has years of combined experience in many different areas of law. You can also be sure that if you choose to work with us that we will promptly return inquires and calls. We are committed to providing the highest quality service for our clients in whatever legal issue you face.

We Do It All!

Whether you have been charged with a crime or injured due to the negligence of another, we will work to understand the specifics of your case and fight as your advocate. If you are facing various family law issues we can help you through mediation or aggressive defense of your desires in litigation. If you are seeking to prepare your estate then we can also help you through this process.

While many individuals may look at our wide practice range as spreading our forces too thin, we can assure you that our experience and wide practice range has turned us into a law firm that is comprehensively prepared to provide you with exemplary legal assistance. Do not wait to retain the legal assistance that you will need in your case. Contact a Carteret County lawyer at our firm today to learn about the legal options available to you no matter what your case entails!