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Wills & Estate Planning Attorney in Carteret County

Probate is a very serious issue among estates and wills. This is the process by which a will is contested in court and the validity can be challenged. The results of this can include nullification of a will and distribution of the estate to creditors and other non-family entities. There are many reasons why you may want to meet with an estate planning attorney; some of them may include avoiding probate, reducing estate taxation and many others. At Wheatly Law Firm we are intent on providing excellent service in this process and you can be sure that we will put our experience to work for you. The Carteret County lawyers at our firm can assist you in each of the following ways regarding wills and estate:

Estate Planning

This is the process by which you will meet with an estate planner and work to ensure that as much of your estate as possible is passed to your designated beneficiaries. Your estate will include all of your assets such as liquid cash, property and many others. It is important to meet with an attorney as there are others who may challenge your will to obtain a share of the estate for themselves.

Estate Administration

Administration of a decedent’s estate is the process by which the probate court will ensure that the probate assets are distributed to the decedent’s designated beneficiaries as provided in their will. It is important that legal assistance is sought in preparing a will in order to minimize the chances of legitimate challenge to the wishes of the deceased.


According to North Carolina General Statutes § 105-32.2(a) there is generally an estate tax imposed on the estate of a decedent who is a resident or property owner in this state. This taxation occurs when the estate is being transferred between the deceased and the beneficiary of the estate as provided in the decedent’s will.

Seeking to prepare an estate?

Our firm handles many different facets of estate planning, wills, probate and many others. It is important that you seek skilled legal counsel in preparing your estate in order to maximize your chances of having your will carried out in probate court. We will be able to provide you with this legal representation. With many years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and insight that you need on your side.

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