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Wheatly Law Group

Exemplary Legal Assistance

At Wheatly Law Group, we are highly experienced Carteret County lawyers with a wide range of practice areas. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with excellent and comprehensive legal service.

If you have been charged with a crime then we can provide you with criminal defense representation.

If you have also been injured by the negligence of another then we can provide you with personal injury representation.

We can assist you in any legal situation if you choose to work with our firm.

Beneath the Awards & Recognition

Our attorneys have extensive education and years of combined experience. It is important that you retain legal assistance that will be able to aggressively fight for your rights in your case and you can be sure that our firm can provide you with this assistance. Our firm has received the prestigious AV® rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, we have been included in the list of North Carolina Super Lawyers® and we have various board certifications throughout North Carolina.

All of our prestigious awards, public recognition and certifications are a testament to our work ethic, our desire for excellence and our legal ability. We have the experience that it takes to fight aggressively against false charges in court. We know how to gather evidence and build a case to fight for money damages to help compensate for financial hardships incurred by personal injury victims. It is vitally important that you have skilled legal assistance on your side and you can be sure that our firm will provide this for you if you choose to work with us.

Each Carteret County lawyer at our firm can help you find answers and discuss your available options with you. With a comprehensive evaluation of your case, we can help you find the right path and provide you with legal assistance throughout the duration of this situation.