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Carteret County Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense is a very broad category of legal issues; if you are charged with a crime then you will face various penalties if you are convicted of this charge. Depending on the crime, you could face extensive jail or prison time, fines, probation and many other penalties. At Wheatly Law Firm we are intent on providing our clients with aggressive representation to defend against false charges, twisted testimonies, bad evidence and many other issues. Our firm will be able to provide you with representation in any of the following areas:

Traffic Offenses

Speeding, changing lanes without warning, illegal turns and many other actions can result in a citation for a traffic offense. If you pay the ticket then you are essentially pleading guilty to a criminal charge. You have options; you don’t have to immediately pay the ticket.


Driving while intoxicated is one of the many traffic offenses that you can be charged with. If your BAC (blood alcohol content) is found to be at or above the legal limit of 0.08% then you will be arrested and charged. The penalties can include jail, fines, license suspension and others for conviction.

Drug Offenses

Cultivation, distribution, and possession are some of the more common drug offenses. Depending on the type and amount of substance that is discovered at the time of your arrest, you will face more or less severe penalties for conviction.

Larcenies & Other Property Crimes

Property crimes often involve theft of some sort, whether of a vehicle, the personal property of another, through means of force or violence or other objects. These crimes can also include various forms of vandalism and even arson.

Burglary, Breaking and Entering & Trespass Offenses

Burglary involves the elements of breaking and entering a structure or building for the purpose of committing a crime. Trespassing involves entering a structure or property where they are not authorized to do so. It is essentially burglary without the added element of the intent to commit an offense.


Fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of facts for the purpose of personal gain or for the detriment of another. This crime can be committed by omission or concealment as well as misrepresentation.


The crime of robbery is a theft crime through the use of force or threat of force. Essentially, if an individual threatens another with physical harm in order to take something of value then this person has committed robbery.


Taking a person and transporting them against their will is the general definition for this crime. This may be committed for the purpose of ransom in many cases. There cases, however, where a non-custodial parent is accused of this crime due to a miscommunication or other reason.

Sex Crimes

Various sex crimes may include rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, exploitation of a minor, prostitution, solicitation of a minor and many others. Generally an individual convicted of this crime will be forced to register as a sex offender.


This is the act of killing another person. This crime can result from murder which contains elements of premeditation or malice aforethought, as well as manslaughter which can result from an accident. DWI manslaughter is considered a homicide although it is usually an accidental death.

Crimes Against the Public

Various crimes that interfere with public order and morality may include indecent exposure, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and many others. The penalties for these various crimes will depend on the specific type and circumstances as well as other facets such as the accused’s criminal background.

Wildlife Violations

There are various laws and ordinances in place in North Carolina that protect various wildlife from hunters, trappers and others. A violation of these various laws can result in extremely hefty fines and other penalties if convicted.

Fisheries Violations

Various laws in NC prohibit certain methods to catch fish, as well as certain types of fish to be caught. There are also certain provisions made for the time of year when various fish can be sought. A violation of these laws can result in severe penalties.

Over 100 Years Serving North Carolina

Our firm is intent on providing excellent and aggressive representation for all of our clients. If you have been charged with a crime then you could face serious penalties for conviction, and it is important that you have skilled representation on your side. Our Carteret County criminal defense lawyers will be able to provide you with this representation as our legal team has nearly 190 years of combined experience. We understand the courtroom and how best to pursue your rights, your goals and desires regarding the outcome of your case.

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